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Treatment of the addiction

SolutionS and the client will try to formulate the objective of treatment of the addiction. During this talk SolutionS will inform the client about the various routes which can be taken when kicking the habit and will share with the client all the experiences and knowledge relevant to the choices to be made jointly.

Action plan

On the basis of the outcomes of the introductory interview, the intake talk and the psychiatric consultation a detailed action plan will be formulated based on a tailored approach which includes all necessary steps aimed at a structural solution of the problems.

The treatment plan will state: the intake report, the psychiatric report, the treatment proposal, the objective, the time schedule and the cost estimate.

Treatment process follow-up appointment

During the follow-up appointment the decision will be taken in mutual consultation with regard to which detailed treatment is to be chosen. In the treatment process the client is the central figure. Discussions will also be held as to how the people in the direct environment of the client must be involved in the treatment process.

Body-oriented work

SolutionS treats the addiction at a psychological, physical and social level. We are the proponents of working in a body-oriented manner. Addiction-related problems such as traumatic experiences, emotional problems, stress and burn-out also manifest themselves in the body; this can be recognised by muscle tensions, posture and movement patterns but sometimes also very directly in the form of physical complaints. For the client to become aware of the psychological meaning of the body contributes to getting over things, to recovery and personal growth.

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