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Intensive addiction care – SolutionS

SolutionS offers you an integral treatment of dosage or addiction problems applying the Twelve Step Minnesota Model as the basis of our addiction care. In its addiction clinics SolutionS concentrates on anyone who is or wants to be aware in their life.

SolutionS treats:

Additionally SolutionS treats behavioral addictions, depression, stress and burnout, but only in combination with a substance addiction.

Addiction care clinic

Admission to intensive treatment is possible in the SolutionS Center in Voorthuizen. SolutionS Center in Voorthuizen offers the same treatment programme on the basis of the Twelve Step Minnesota Model as other foreign clinics do. This programme lasts for at least 35 days. The focus in these treatments is always on the changes that are necessary in order to achieve a turning point in the client’s lifestyle. Special attention will be given to spiritual counselling aimed at looking at your own life in a different manner and getting into contact with yourself. In the treatment process the main person is central but in consultation with the client the people in his direct environment will also be involved; a family programme forms a major part.

Checking in and admission to addiction clinic

Checking in into our clinic is possible within 24 hours after the introduction. Admission for a short effective detox (detoxification of the body) can take place immediately after the first meeting.

Because treatment in an addiction clinic is not always necessary, SolutionS, obviously in consultation with the client, will formulate a complete tailored action plan; including a plan and cost estimate.

SolutionS is a recognised mental healthcare institution (‘GGZ’) in the area of addiction care in the Netherlands. This means that the costs of the treatment will be reimbursed by the healthcare insurers.

Treatment regarding addiction care

The SolutionS addiction care counsellors will provide the best possible details of the treatment process; from the initial interview to the completion of the after-care process. The SolutionS treatment team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, physicians, counsellors and case managers. They are all experts with huge knowledge and experience in addictions, depression complaints and burnouts.

Each client will be assigned a key counsellor and case manager who are responsible for the details of the treatment process. Both will be aware of the exact state of affairs and the arrangements made. In the Netherlands the counsellor is the point of contact for family members and other people in the client’s direct environment. The counsellors are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This befits adequate addiction care. Total discretion is obvious.

Treatment by SolutionS

SolutionS treats people who want to be aware in their life. People who are used to tailored solutions and who have no time to be on a waiting list. That is why the effective treatment of SolutionS fits in so well these days.

  • SolutionS has no waiting lists
    Both the introductory interview, the treatment proposal and the actual start of the treatment can be immediately realised. This applies to the extra-mural treatment as well as a clinical admission.
  • SolutionS acts adequately
    Several of our experienced counsellors have had an addictive past themselves and therefore know exactly what you are going through.
  • SolutionS tailored acts
    SolutionS treats you with respect and takes plenty of time for the introductory interview. SolutionS provides tailored solutions in which not only the seriousness of your addiction is important but also your work, study and/or home situation. In short: everything that is important.


SolutionS offers professional treatment for dosage and addiction problems. The working area includes for instance alcohol, drugs, GHB and medicine addiction. In addition SolutionS treats behavioral addiction, depression, stress and burnout but only in combination with a substance addiction.

SolutionS offers a tailored approach. To this end the Twelve Step Model is combined with cognitive behavioural therapy as well as insight-giving and body-oriented therapy. In this connection the focus is always on necessary changes at psychological, spiritual and physical levels. In consultation with the client, his family and people in his direct environment will be involved in the treatment.

Apart from a complete extra-mural process SolutionS also offers the possibility of an intensive admission to the SolutionS Center Voorthuizen, the first private addiction clinic in the Netherlands and Belgium. This admission lasts for at least 35 days. This is followed consecutively by an extra-mural after-care programme taking about 3 months. During this process the emphasis is particularly on working towards a logical transfer to the self-help groups.


Dosage and addiction problems are increasing. The Benelux now has over 2.5 million people who are dependent on alcohol, drugs, nicotine, medicines, gambling, gaming or sex or who have an eating disorder.

The increasingly higher requirements set on people, the speed which it is necessary to change gear, the deadly competition both inside and outside companies and the economic tensions often lead to stress and burnout feelings for which an escape is sought. Often the escape is found in alcohol, drugs and/or medicines.

In the meantime it has been scientifically proven that there is a genetic disposition for dependency on substances such as alcohol and drugs. Addiction is a biological, psychological and social disorder. It is these three axes that affect each other. Addiction is a disease that is not restricted to one single area, the body or the mind but is associated with multiple domains in the life of an addict.
It may take years before a person admits that he or she has an addiction problem and that he or she cannot solve this problem by him- or herself. For a long time they think that they can stop it with their own will and under their own steam. In addition, in Western culture it is not done to ask for help when having mental problems. That is why people struggle for an unwarrantedly long time with all the associated consequences, when adequate help is available.

Increasingly more people are recognising that the chance of success becomes considerably greater if there is professional treatment tailored to personal problems.

It is also essential that at the moment at which help is required this help is in actual fact also offered immediately. SolutionS is available 7 days a week for 24 hours and has no waiting times.
SolutionS offers this help in the form of clinical treatment in its own clinic in Voorthuizen with an intensive extra-mural after-care treatment of about 3 months following on from this. In several cases a full extra-mural treatment can also provide a solution.

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