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SolutionS treats different types of addictions

A lot of people appear successful on the surface but they are hiding the big secret of their addiction. Despite the fact that most of the addiction in the Netherland is to alcohol, SolutionS has seen a growing number of people addicted to drugs and medicines.

The prison called addiction

Our life is unimaginable without addictive behaviour. Depending on your situation, the people you meet and the routes you walk, you will encounter one or more forms of addiction.

Addictive behaviour is recognisable: it is obsessive, compulsive and excessive behaviour the consequences of which are building up all the time. Your life can become unhinged and then it is time to seek help.

Why does someone develop an addiction?

Addiction is hereditary. In families we often see different forms of addiction or on the contrary co-dependency (life consists of caring for others). This is not only to do with the fact that addiction is hereditary but also because right from being a young child certain (parental) behaviour is being displayed. The combination of hereditary and environmental factors have a big influence on the development of an addiction and/or addictive behaviour.

Addiction is a disease

Addiction is an incurable disease, which is also progressive, creating an increasingly greater and more compulsive need for the substance or the behaviour. Many years of denial of addiction is a major symptom of this disease. This results in an increasingly miserable existence.

When you are addicted, you depend on the substance (alcohol, drugs or medicines), or on your behaviour (gaming and/or gambling) which in the end has a dramatic effect on your life. This means your marriage or relationship, your other family relationships, friendships, business activities and mental and physical health. In the end, you pay a huge price. For many with a dosage problem and for all those with addiction problems this process is extremely predictable and irrevocable.
SolutionS cannot emphasise this enough: the sooner help is called in to conquer addiction the greater the chance that the consequences of addiction can be kept under control. Without outside help there is only a 1% success rate!

Other addictions

These less obvious addictions also need a professional approach. Examples of this are for instance:

  • Game addiction
  • Investment addiction
  • Cosmetic surgery addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Nasal spray addiction
  • Lip-balm addiction
  • Chocolate addiction
  • Liquorice addiction

SolutionS treats these addictions only in combination with a substance addiction, like alcohol, drugs or medicine.

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