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Gambling addiction

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The number of people with a gambling addiction is estimated at over 70,000 in the Netherlands and 40,000 in Belgium. For these people gambling offers a kick they no longer can do without. It often starts with pleasure, amusement and excitement. Certainly in the beginning when you win you tend to believe in a certain system. Losing is usually due to external factors such as the slot machine not being properly adjusted, the system being no good or someone cheating.

Types of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction often originates from fruit machines or in the legal as well as the illegal casinos. The slot machines are easily accessible and the game is short and fierce. Every four seconds there is another chance.

Gambling via the internet is growing strongly. In the Netherlands alone 100 million euros are gambled away in the virtual casinos. There are also strongly growing phenomena such as bingo evenings and poker competitions.

Short odds gambling games

Short odds gambling games such as slot machines and lotteries are considered as carrying the most risk of gambling addiction. Profit or loss can be seen immediately and therefore the temptation to venture a small bet is great. Especially because of the structure of winning or not winning, sometimes you win a small prize then for quite some time nothing and very occasionally a large amount, these gambling games quickly pave the way to gambling addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms

A gambler continues to play even when the problems, whether financial or not, heap themselves up sky-high. You neglect your relationships, work or study. The excitement of gambling gives you almost the same state of intoxication as being drunk or getting high. With that intoxication you push away all unpleasant thoughts. Gambling also has withdrawal systems such as sleep disorders, panic reactions, becoming irritated, stomach complaints, headache and depression.

SolutionS offers help in connection with gambling addiction

Gambling addiction sometimes goes together with alcohol addiction and/or cocaine addiction. Addicts try to get money in any way whatsoever; the one gap is filled by the other. In the end you can no longer hide the consequences from the people around you. Your conscience gnaws away at you and increasingly undermines your self-confidence. You end up increasingly further away from your own feelings, principles and values. Continuing to gamble only creates more problems. But it nevertheless takes courage to acknowledge that you have to get out and that you cannot do this without help.
SolutionS offers help, if necessary within 24 hours.

Action plan

By intensive therapy, extra-mural or at first in a clinic, you get the opportunity to think about your problems in a different way. The need for an essential change is central to your treatment. Step by step guidance is given to you in this respect and your family will also be involved in the process in consultation.
SolutionS treats gambing addiction, only in combination with a substance addiction like alcohol, drugs or medication.

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