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After-care programme

The most critical phase of the recovery process for the client starts on his release from the clinic. They feel healthy again and as if reborn, they have self-confidence again, plans are made, in short, they have energy again. At the same time they feel tense and uncertain: the client has changed but not the environment. The client is confronted with the consequences of the addiction both in relationships as well as in a business and material sense. In this respect good guidance is crucial.

SolutionS’ after-care programme

The after-care process is inextricably bound up with clinical admission. Without proper guidance ex-clients can revert to their previous behaviour or start drinking or use drugs again. The after-care is primarily aimed at learning to handle triggers and pitfalls in order to prevent a relapse in that way. In addition, the Twelve Step Programme is further fleshed out and work is done on changes necessary in order to achieve a turning point in the client’s lifestyle.

The after-care programme starts immediately after being released from the clinic and lasts twelve months with individual sessions and groupsessions. Partners, family members and other people in the client’s direct environment can be involved in consultation with him in the individual after-care programme. SolutionS has after-care locations throughout the country offering the client the opportunity to follow therapy close to his own home.

The groupsessions can be attended for as long as the client needs to. There are separate two-weekly family group sessions for the people in the client’s direct environment.

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