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Cocaine addiction

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Addicted to coke

Cocaine addiction is a very common form of drug addiction. Cocaine is not only used on the party circuit, but over many years this drug has found its way into the business sector. The use of cocaine gives you a cheerful and energetic feeling making this drug very attractive to successful people with a busy and hectic life. However, if cocaine is used frequently, more and more is required to achieve the desired result.

Cocaine addiction in a higher social class

SolutionS (also) treats people with a cocaine addiction from the higher social class. These may be entrepreneurs and people working independently but also people working in the media or lawyers, physicians, accountants, politicians and judges. These are usually people who set high demands on themselves.

In this society ever higher demands are set. The speed with which it becomes necessary to change gear, the deadly competition both inside and outside companies, the economic tensions and the fight at the top often lead to stress and burnout symptoms from which an escape is sought. This escape is often found in cocaine use.

Action plan

It takes courage to admit that you are addicted but even more strength and perseverance to conquer your drug addiction. Just take all the help you can get with both hands. SolutionS is ready to offer help with regard to cocaine addiction.


The SolutionS treatment team consists of psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists and counsellors who are all authorities in the field of addiction. At SolutionS both your physical as well as psychological problems will be dealt with. This takes place during admission to one of our rehabilitation clinics. The admission period is experienced as extremely intensive but at the same time also as a period of reflection. Reflection on who you really are, making the causes of your drugs addiction a subject of discussion and looking for possibilities and opportunities for the future provides relief and thereby improves the quality of your life.


When you leave the clinic SolutionS will immediately begin the after-care programme. An addiction you have built up over many years, is not tackled in four weeks. Despite the fact that you will receive all possible tools to build op your life without cocaine, support and actual help during the first period outside the clinic is absolutely necessary. The aim of our after-care with regard to the treatment of your cocaine addiction is for you to lead an independent and balanced life without cocaine.

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