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Clinical admission

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Clinical admission

An admission can be arranged within 24 hours after the intake if the psychiatrist and the therapist consider an acute admission necessary. In all other situations admission usually takes place within one week. On the basis of the information obtained during the intake talk, a treatment plan will be formulated.

Treatment is possible in the SolutionS Center in Voorthuizen, the first private addiction clinic in the Netherlands and Belgium, or in one of SolutionS’ foreign partner clinics. Whether the SolutionS Center or a foreign partner clinic is chosen has to do with the required location, language, facilities, approach, programme duration and any specialisation. Apart from the treatment for alcohol and drugs addiction several clinics specialise in food addiction, sex addiction and depression or burnout.
All clinics work with the Twelve Step Model. In the event that the clinical process takes place abroad, there will always be a diagnostic period of several days in the SolutionS Center in Voorthuizen from which the client will travel directly from our clinic to the airport. Family members of the client or other people in his or her direct environment can take him or her to the airport.

Most of the clinics work with a 28-day programme, the so-called ‘primary care’. Sometimes the individual problems require extended treatment. This is possible in proper consultation. Moreover, several clinics have a so-called ‘secondary care facility’ where ultimately the balance between therapy and activities aimed at fleshing out the client’s normal life is adjusted. The after-care programme starts immediately after being released from the clinic.

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