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Family and relationships

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Family therapy

When there are one or more persons in a family or extended family with addiction problems, it always has repercussions on the other family members. Every member of the family or extended family is entitled to support and help; not only the person with the addiction. The family is closely involved in the treatment; both during the clinical admission and the after-care process as well as during the extra-mural process.

The key aims in family therapy

The emphasis of the family therapy is on the following points:

  1. Creating a maximum understanding of addiction as a disease and the specific addiction of the main person in particular so that the family obtains a clear insight into the consequences in a physical as well as a mental sense.
  2. The family members are encouraged to talk about the sweeping consequences of the addiction on their own life. Support is given to each individual family member but also to the family as a whole.
  3. Sometimes it might appear necessary to break through certain habits and patterns in the family dynamics to give the addict the best chances of recovery. The SolutionS counsellors are trained to recognise and to treat these patterns in order to re-balance the family relationships.

Relationship therapy

An addiction problem almost always creates huge tensions in a relationship. In many cases the partner has already left or is on the verge of leaving. SolutionS is often contacted by the partners of people with addiction problems.

Relationship therapy in addiction cases

SolutionS is primarily focussed on a direct approach to the addiction, but at the same time offers the partners something to hold on to and support. For those looking for a new balance in their relationship SolutionS offers the opportunity to have several sessions with a specialist relationship therapist.

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